Teaching in University and Outside Executive Education Programs, Short Courses, and Summer Programs

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Summer months of 1968 through 1979 – Responsible for ten-week system design projects sponsored by NASA involving faculty members per summer from various universities.  The participants produced  complex interdisciplinary system studies.  The primary aim of the program was to give faculty members experience in systems design in order to help them inject some of the principals and philosophies into their own schools.  They were essentially put through the same process as the graduate students enrolled in the Stanford Systems Design sequence (Engineering 235).  The secondary objective was to perform a non-biased system study  of interest to NASA.  My responsibilities included personal direction of four of the programs, consultation in the remainder, and being principle investigator of the contract and organizer of the programs.  Titles of final reports were:

1968: Manned Lunar Scientific Observatory
1969: Airborne Commuter System
1970: Air Improvement Recommendations for the San Francisco Bay Area
1971: Large Antenna Array for the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
1972: Synthetic Carbohydrate Production as a Food Source                          
1973: Wild land Fire Management
1974: Engineering Education and a Lifetime of Learning**
1975: Space Settlements - a Design Study*
1976: Detection Sytem for Extra-Solar Planets*
1977: Airport Transportation in the Bay Area
1978: Orbiting Biological Laboratory

        *Also published as NASA document
     ** Also published by ASEE


  • Faculty member in Decision Making course at National Judicial College, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Intensive course in Creative Design at the University of Mexico
  • Faculty member, co-originator, and Dean, Stanford Engineering Executive Program
  • Faculty member, Engineering Management for Production Operations, Stanford
  • Faculty member, Marketing for High Technology Companies, Stanford
  • Faculty member, Advanced Management College, Stanford
  • Faculty member, Executive Program for Small Business, Stanford
  • Faculty member and Dean, Management of Innovation, Stanford
  • Faculty member, University of Melbourne Summer Executive Program
  • Faculty member, American Electronic Association Executive Program, Stanford
  • Summer Alumni College Faculty Member and Dean, Stanford


  • IBM Update Program (1971-81)
  • IBM Horizon Program (1979-80)
  • IBM Professional Development Program (1979-80)
  • Bendix/University of Michigan Update Program (1979-80)
  • Western Electric Advanced Management Program (1980-91
  • Shell Corporation Decision Making Program (1981-82
  • 3M Executive Development Program (1986-87)
  • Motorola Leading edge Program
  • Electronic Arts Management Development Program

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