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  • Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1966-71 
  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1966-99 
  • Professor of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 1975-99 (now Management Science and Engineering) 
  • Professor Emeritus, 1999-

Administrative Jobs

  • Director, Design Division of Mechanical Engineering Department, 1968-75

    Responsible for teaching and research in electro-mechanical design and product design and for administration and leadership of an innovative and initially delicate academic endeavor, including a joint program with the art department, heavy interdisciplinary involvement within the engineering school, and a strong reliance on project-based instruction.
  • Chairman, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Department. 1975-78

    Responsible for major changes in faculty,  staff, and student composition, departmental focus, curriculum, and scholarly and financial direction.  Taught courses in organizational behavior and design and in creativity and innovation.
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Engineering, 1975-83

    Responsible for academic matters in the office of the Dean, including such things as overall curricular requirements, department interaction, and quality of teaching. Responsible for long-range planning in the school, serving as general “executive officer” to the Dean, and dealing with the academic deans in the other schools in university matters.  Represented the school in various University committees and activities and to other institutions and visitors, inaugurated the School of Engineering writing and speaking program, worried about the Engineering School Advisory Council and Undergraduate Council, interacted with faculty and students on academic and administrative matters.
  • Chairman, Stanford Program in Values, Technology, Science, and Society, 1983-1990.

    Responsible for strengthening University program dealing with interactions between technology, science, human values, and social institutions.  During these years, the program established undergraduate B.A. and B.S. programs, a course requirement in School of Engineering, a track of the freshman “Western Culture” requirement, and worked toward better understanding of technology, science, and mathematics among Stanford A.B. majors.  Job involved developing and teaching courses in the area, raising money, recruiting faculty and raising morale, , improving facilities, and increasing visibility inside and outside of Stanford.
  • Associated Dean for Special Projects, School of Engineering, 1995-96.

    Attempted to define and implement various methods of strengthening interactions between design, manufacturing, and engineering management in the school of engineering.  Proposals ranged from  new department consisting of existing department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Design Division from Engineering Management,  and various affiliated faculty from the Engineering and Business Schools, to co-op programs.  Program in entrepreneurship in present Management Science and Engineering Department was a result of this effort.  

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