Stanford Committees

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  • Advisory Board (elected committee of seven senior faculty who advise the president, act on appointments and promotions, hear grievances, etc.),  (chair)
  • Academic Senate (elected group of faculty which represents the total faculty in legislative matters)
  • Senate Steering Committee
  • Western Culture Pilot Committee
  • Committee on Undergraduate Studies
  •  Steering Committee, Faculty Senate
  • Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid 
  • Committee on Public Events
  • Subcommittee on Distribution Requirements
  • CUS Committee on Technology Distribution Requirements (chair)
  • LOTS (student computer system) Committee (chair)
  • Stanford Centennial  Committee
  • Review Committee of Individually Designed Majors Program (chair)
  • Budget Adjustment Program Committee
  • Student Legislative Council
  • Committee on Technology in Teaching and Learning
  • Stanford Magazine Advisory Board
  • Admissions and Financial Aid


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  • Study of Engineering Education at Stanford – SEE Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Undergraduate Council (chair)
  • Study of Engineering Education at Stanford 
  • Curriculum Committee (chair)
  • Library Committee
  • Computer Committee
  • Task Force on Foreign Students
  • Special Programs Committee
  • Stanford Center for Professional Development Advisory Committee
  • Committee for integration of Design, Manufacturing, and Marketing (Chair)
  • Ad hoc committee for the study of Engineering Management (Chair)

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