Longer Term Non-Academic Employment

EAFB rotors

U.S. Air Force officer, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base, California, 1955-57.

  • Project Planner in Plans and  Programs Office of Flight Operations.  Involved in planning of future projects for flight test, rocket-engine test- site, high-speed track tests, and parachute testing.  Included planning for advanced projects such as testing ICBM engines and the proposed nuclear powered bomber (Weapon Systems 125a).  Also involved in attempt to install an extremely ambitious planning system for the entire Air Research and Development Command (ARDC Manual 80-4)

Jet propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena California, 1961-66.  Senior Development Engineer and Engineering Group Supervisor. 

  • Design and development of various pieces of flight hardware such as thermal shields on Mariner II (1962 Venus fly-by).  Responsible for providing a solution to a critical vibration problem that showed up late in the program, which included the design, development, and delivery of flight hardware.
  • Participating in design, production, testing, and operation of Mariner IV (1964 Mars fly-by)
  • Mechanical Engineering representative on first “Voyager” study committee, responsible for configuration, structure, and temperature control.
  • Head of ad-hoc committee to investigate further integration of JPL spacecraft
  • Supervisor of the Advanced Technology Group of the Electro-Mechanical Section, which was involved in development of advanced methods of interconnecting micro-circuitry, and advanced packaging and cabling systems.
  • Supervisor of the High Impact Survival and Advanced Mechanism Group, which was involved in the development of a batter, transmitter, and gas chromatograph for a proposed Martian hard-lander, investigation of the effects of high impact loads on mechanical and electrical components and assemblies, and the design and development of high-impact test equipment, instrumentation, and techniques.
  • Active in JPL and general education.  Taught Mechanical Engineering and System Engineering portion of six-week Space Technology Summer Institute for engineering students, sponsored by JPL, and taught once at Caltech, once at UCLA, and once at USC.  Member of JPL continuing education committee, a NASA education committee and a member (later chair) of the first American Association of Engineering Education (ASEE) design committee.  Gave many talks on space exploration to public school and community groups.  Provided the Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Design Division with material and help for their 1962-63 “space year, in which several of their courses focused on space-craft design problems and projects.


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