This website will tell you more than anyone should want to know about me.  But some people are curious, and others nosy.  It is about what I have done professionally, and is devoid of juicy details on my personal life.  As to origins, I grew up on an orange grove in a then small town in Southern California.  It is no longer a small town, and the oranges have been replaced by developments and large warehouses, with the exception of  the Adams family grove, which is being maintained beautifully by my brother John and becoming famous as the “Last Orange Grove in Rialto”.

I fled the orange business, went to college (rather unusual for my cohort) and then spent six years working, being in the Air Force, and going to more school.  When the “space age” began I joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and worked there until I became quite old for the Aerospace business (33).  But I found I could change from an old engineer to a young professor by joining the faculty at Stanford University, where I still seem to be.  Along the way I have acquired a wonderful expanding family,  more projects than I will ever finish, and more stuff than I will ever move.

These days I seem to be interested in and writing about six areas—creativity and innovation, the quality of industrial products, design, problem solving, the nature of technology, and the ancient, honorable, and valuable activity of working with the hands (which I have always done to avoid becoming a serial killer). If you would like more detail about me, click on the buttons at the top.  But don’t send me messages telling me that the writing is boring. I am smart enough to know that.

Incidentally, I do have a blog, if you are interested in what I am thinking about these days.  The name of my blog is People and Products, and it is here.

[photos of jim from 10 to now]